52mm Fader ND Filter Neutral Density from ND2 To ND400


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This is 52mm fader ND filter neutral density from ND2 to ND400
Neutral Density (ND) filters can reduce the intensity of light without appreciably changing its color.
Classic ND filters have different f-stop reduction numbers and transmittance thus generated can be applied for different shooting conditions, such as portraiture, water falls, etc.
The GREEN.L ND Fader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density fader filter that adjusts the amount of light reduction with just the twist of your wrist. The index marks on the filter let you know exactly the amount of reduction at a glance. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever density you are using.


Neutral density can be adjusted from ND2 to ND400.It is easy to create different neutral density by rotating the ring from 2-8 stopsl.
Apply slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposure.
Large aperture is available to create depth of field easily.
Suitable for dynamic screen,waterfalls,streams,waves,etc.
Index marks on the edge of filter for exact adjustment.
Size: 52mm


According to the optics theorem, it is not recommended to apply this filter for wide angle lens (<24mm, 35mm film format equivalent).
Image quality may drop when focal length above 200mm

Package included:

1 x Filter


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