Nikon UC-E6 USB Cable for 3200 3700 4100 Coolpix Camera



USB Digital Camera Cable for Nikon Coolpix camera's below:
Connect your digital USB camera to your USB port.
USB Type A Male to Mini USB Nikon Mini Pin Cable- Fully moulded.
USB 2.0
Brand New.
ROHS Compliant
Includes ferrite noise filters.
100% compatible with original Nikon UC-E6 Cable unit
Length : 60cm

Compatible with:
Coolpix 2100
Coolpix 2200
Coolpix 3100
Coolpix 3200
Coolpix 3700
Coolpix 4100
Coolpix 4200
Coolpix 4600
Coolpix 4800
Coolpix 5100
Coolpix 5200
Coolpix 5600
Coolpix 5900
Coolpix 7600
Coolpix 7900
Coolpix 8400
Coolpix 8800
Coolpix L1
Coolpix L2
Coolpix L3
Coolpix L4
Coolpix L5
Coolpix L6
Coolpix L10
Coolpix L11
Coolpix L12
Coolpix L14
Coolpix L16
Coolpix L18
Coolpix L101
Coolpix P1
Coolpix P2
Coolpix P3
Coolpix P4
Coolpix P50
Coolpix P60
Coolpix P5000
Coolpix P5100
Coolpix S2
Coolpix S4
Coolpix S10
Coolpix S200
Coolpix S210
Coolpix S500
Coolpix S510
Coolpix S520
Coolpix S600

Package included:

1 x usb cable for Nikon UC-E6


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