Remote Control Wired Shutter Release Switch Cable Cord RS-60E3 For Canon 500D


Help you to prevent vibration during long exposures, close up or continuous shooting
Perfect to use during taking time-lapse photography and long time exposure
Halfway pressed button for auto-focus and exposure metering
Shutter release button lock for long exposures shooting and continuous shooting

Material: High quality plastic
Color : Black
Cord Length (App) : 85cm
Size (App) : 95mm*28mm*18mm
Weight: 45g

How to use:
Firstly,insert the pkug into the camera's remote control socket, and turn on the camera.
The release button can be pressed half way and completely. Press it half way to activate the autofocus and set the shutter speed.
Press it completely to shoot.
For long exposure (camera should be set in Bulb Mode), press the botton completely and slide in the direction of the arrow, which lock the botton depressed, slide the button back to its original position.

Compatible with:
Models for CANON Powershot G10
Models for CANON EOS 1000D(Rebel Xs)
Models for CANON EOS 450D(Rebel Xsi)
Models for CANON EOS 400D(Rebel Xti)
Models for CANON EOS 350D(Rebel Xt)
Models for CANON EOS 300D
Models for CANON EOS 300
Models for CANON EOS 300V
Models for CANON EOS 50E
Models for CANON EOS 50
Models for CANON EOS 33
Models for CANON EOS 30
Models for Pentax K10D/K110D/K100D/K20D/K200D/KM/Cs205 Remote Switch Shutter Models for Pentax D/DS/DS2/DL/DL2/K10 Remote Switch Shutter Models for Pentax MZ-6, MZ-L, ZX-LModels for Hasselblad H/H1/H2/H2D/H1D Remote Switch Shutter Cord Models for Contax 645/Nl/Nx/N/Digital/LA-50 Remote Switch Shutter Models for Samsung GX-20 GX-10 GX-1L GX-1S
EOS 550D

Packadge included:
1 x Remote Switch Shutter Release


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