Universal Car Auto Vehicle Charger Adapter With Micro USB


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New generic Chargers
Easily replaceable fuse to protect against spilkes and surges
Charge your cell phone at work or when going out of town or in the car.
Small and lightweight for convenient portability and storage.
No need to unplug the original one from home any more. Carry an extra light weight and handy travel charger, to charge anytime, anywhere!
Intelligent IC chip recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to saver mode to prevent overcharging and short circuit.
Color : Black

Compatible with:


Bold 9650, 9700 / Onyx
Curve 8520, 8530 Aries, 8900
Curve 3G 9300, 9330
Pearl 3G 9100 / Pearl 2
Pearl Flip 8220, 8230
Tour 9630 Niagara
Torch 9800


Nexus One N1


EVO 4G,7 Surround, Aria, Desire / Bravo, Desire HD / Ace, Desire Z / G2, Google Nexus One, HD7, HTC Espresso / 

T-Mobile myTouch2 / myTouch 3G Slide, Legend, Leo / Firestone / HD2, myTouch 4G, Wildfire, Hero,HTC ONE


Galaxy S4 i9500,Galaxy S Epic 4G, SCH-i500 Fascinate / Mesmerize, SGH-i897 Captivate, SGH-T959 Vibrant
GT-i8000 Omnia II, GT-I9000 Galaxy S, GT-S8500 Wave, i7500 / GT-i7500 / Galaxy, i8910 HD / Acme / Omnia HD,

Instinct 2 / Instinct S50 / Instinct HD, M8910 / GT-M8910 / Pixon 12, S5600 / GT-S5600 / Preston Gallery, 
SCH-i920 / Omnia II CDMA, SCH-R350 / SCH-R351 / Freeform, SCH-R360 Freeform II, SCH-R460 Myshot 2, 
SCH-R470 TwoStep, SCH-R560 Messager 2, SCH-R630 Messager Touch, SCH-R850 Caliber,
SCH-R880 Acclaim,SCH-R900 Craft, SCH-U460 Intensity II, SCH-U820 Reality, SGH-A597 Eternity II, 
SGH-A687 Strive, SGH-A797 Flight,SGH-A847 Rugby II, SGH-A897 Mythic, SGH-A927 Flight II, SGH-i916 Focus, 
SGH-T359 Smiley :),SGH-T479 Gravity 3,SGH-T669 Gravity Touch, SGH-T939 / Behold 2, 
SPH-i350 / ACE II / Intrepid, SPH-M220,SPH-M320, SPH-M350 Seek,SPH-M540 Rant, SPH-M550 Exclaim, 
SPH-M560 Reclaim, SPH-M570 / Restore, SPH-M630 Highnote, SPH-M850,SPH-M900 / Instinct Q / Moment, 
SPH-M910 Intercept, SPH-M920 Transform

Package Included:

1 x Micro USB Car Charger

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